This is an old picture of me, by the way. I now have shorter and blonder hair.

Aloha! I’m Janell, a.k.a. Jayneezie, as in Jayneezie Blogs About Life. I’m blogging from Hawaii, but no…I don’t know Moana, Lilo, or Stitch.

I’m a self-appointed selfie and coffee queen, so expect to see a lot of selfies featuring my happy face and a cup of coffee! I’m also an avid Sailor Moon fan and have been since my youth, like most Sailor Moon fans. I like most anime, but not all. I’m not a huge fan so please don’t expect me to be this big expert about it. I also used to be a big fan of Kpop…before all my favorite groups either disbanded or joined the Korean military. But that’s the life of a “noona (older sis) fan”.

I actually used to live in Seoul, South Korea, which you’ll probably read a lot about. I spent two and a half years there teaching English, then Social Studies. I’ve only been to three other countries in my life – Philippines, Japan, and Thailand. I’m itching to travel more and share those adventures!

I basically wanted to create this blog because I have a curious mind filled with many different questions. My intention for this blog is to dig into who/what/where my curiosities take me and to write about it.

Hope you enjoy my musings about life, fitness, teaching, and other subjects I hold near and dear to my heart.