POPFLEX Active – A Review.

On March 22, POPFLEX Active launched their new collection called “Dusty Blossom.” It’s color scheme is indigo, blush, and black with a floral theme. It’s been a while since I treated myself to anything and even though my regular wardrobe needs a revamp, I decided to buy new workout clothes. I did so for two reasons: 1) I work out every day so I figured I’d add more to that wardrobe than the other, and 2) Dusty Blossom was a cute collection.

Okay, there’s actually a third reason. POPLEX Active is the activewear line from one of my favorite fitness inspirations, Cassey Ho. If you don’t know her, you better listen up! She started Blogilates on YouTube and has her own Pop Pilates classes…which I’m trying to save up money to be a certified instructor for!

Anyway, since she is one of my favorite fit people, I wanted to support her, POPFLEX, and this new line. So, I woke up that morning to watch the live IG feed of Cassey and her design assistant, Lexi showing the products from the new line. And I was in love. The online shop launched the items after their live, which made me immediately hop on to make my purchases.

I basically bought three things that day:

  1. The Hold Me Zip Bra, because I’m always wanting new bras to wear…
  2. The Classic Legging, because I’ve been wanting a nice pair of black leggings with actual POCKETS that are actually DEEP
  3. The Drama Tank, because it was really cute and I wanted a top.

So let me talk about the Drama tank a little bit…


First of all, I really like the color of this top. At first, I wasn’t sold on the indigo at all because it just isn’t a color I’d normally go for. I thought it would be too dark. I was actually looking for something lighter in terms of workout clothes. But when I got the top and tried it on, it just looked really nice. Plus, the lighting in this picture makes the top look lighter than I normally thought it would look like.


The X straps on the back of the top.

I really like the design of the X straps in the front AND the back. During the live, Cassey and Lexi talked about how they were originally going to design the straps with just the X’s in the front and the back. But they thought about securing it better for bustier women, so they added the additional straps on the ends in the front. It was a good call. Not that I am busty or anything, but you can really feel the security they provide.


This is a “candid”, but really I didn’t pose in time before the timer on my camera went off.

I bought this top at a size 14, since that the pant size I wear. Let me tell you, the straps do their part to hold you in because from my chest up, this top fits perfectly and snugly. Below the chest, though, if you can see, it’s a little looser. It’s all right, though, because I have a problematic lower ab situation and that totally covers it up for me. Haha.

The top has a bra set in with removable push-up bra cups. I leave them in because as I mentioned, I’m not busty at all. It wicks the sweat really well, as I normally use this top for my grittier, harder workouts. Sometimes, you just wanna look cute when you hard exercises, am I right?


I’m really in love with this top. I honestly can’t wait until the next time I use it, every time I use it. It’s honestly one of my nicest workout tops. If I still worked out at the gym, I’d wear this thing out until I have to purchase a new one!

The Drama Tank comes in two colors – black and indigo – and runs from size 2 to size 16 for both colors. It’s a blend of Polyester and Spandex. It’s also fade and shrink resistant. And it’s stretchy!

The top is $35 (USD). POPFLEX Active ships internationally as well, so if you’re overseas and wanna give this a whirl, do it!

Honestly, this was one of the best purchases I made for any workout clothes. It’s not too tight and it’s breathable. I don’t do a lot of yoga or pilates with this top. My workouts are more strength training and cardio. This top is good for both (for me anyway) because I can move comfortably in it.

POPFLEX Active also has three other collections in addition to Dusty Blossom – Dark Bloom, Mermaid, and Peony. In addition to activewear, POPFLEX also has stationery, yoga mats (I’m gonna get the Dusty Blossom mat as my next purchase!), and water bottles as well.


Here’s a cool side note: These shorts I’m wearing in the pic? That was my FIRST purchase from POPFLEX Active. Well, actually it was just the Blogilates store (before they got the name POPFLEX Active, but you know what I mean!)

Okay, TL;DR? This tank is super cute and makes me feel cute wearing it…even when I’m doing pushups that make me make faces that are defintely not cute.

Love this drama tank, love the purchases I made at POPFLEX, love POPFLEX in general.

That’s it, pancit!
– Jayneezie

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